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"We All Believe"

An anthem by Robert Weaver and William Pasch

"We All Believe" -- (tune name: LEVERETT) by Robert J. Weaver and text by William A. Pasch (a paraphrase of the Creed) is published by St. James Music Press (

About SJMP.COM - This is a completely on-line publishing house for music for choir directors, organists, and anyone looking for high quality sacred music for church or concert use. Anyone can take out a free "guest" membership to explore the entire catalogue and sound files. The full membership ($139/year) allows one also to download high-quality PDF versions of the pieces and grants permission to photocopy the music for organist/pianist, choir and congregational use. The catalogue consists of many works of all periods and it is expanding all of the time. The music is carefully chosen to be of high quality and usefulness (I hope so, since our anthem was included!).

"We All Believe" is a joint work by Bob Weaver and Bill Pasch. This anthem was recorded by St. James Music Press in 2012 (listen to the SJMP recording here). It was also presented as the final number in the Hymn Festival by the local chapter of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) in April, 2013, at Trinity United Methodist Church in Springfield, MA. The congregation joined in singing the final stanza of the hymn. A recording from the rehearsal the day before the Festival is included here. [Please note that this recording was made on a small device placed on the floor about 1/2 way down the main aisle. Sound fidelity is not perfect. The actual sound of the group, mostly organists and choir directors, was amazing!]

Hymn Festival, April, 2013

Festival Choir

[Photo from "Chiff Chat" - Springfield, MA, AGO]

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